Start at the Beginning

The early days of The Edge of the World.

The early days of The Edge of the World.

The Edge of the World historical fencing academy began as a regular training session started by Philipp in 2012 as a means to provide fencers in the local SCA group for Fort Wayne, IN with a means to improve their knowledge and understanding of the rapier through structured drills and practice. The training group met in a 2-stall garage Philipp, a life-long martial artist, had begun converting into boxing gym, and when Philipp was chosen to run the local SCA rapier practice, the Edge of the World became its official winter home until the spring of 2016.

What’s in a Name?

The studio took on the name “The Edge of the World” in reference to a verbal warning marshals (officials) in the SCA use to address fencers who are approaching the limits of the list—a fitting name considering the studio’s limited fencing space. At the same time, the name took on a powerful new meaning, as key members of the practice became engrossed in Cut & Thrust fencing, and then the greater WMA/HEMA worlds. With one foot steeped in the evolving SCA tradition and the other in the greater historical martial arts community, The Edge of the World stopped being a place and transformed into a fellowship dedicated to bridging the gap between them.

The EotW Today

10868148_782649645140008_5575305135514245726_nThe Edge of the World is still a small group and membership is an informal process. We believe that foundational ideals are more important than physical foundations, and affiliates of the academy and its mission extend from Chicago to New York. Nonetheless, we hold regular local practices in Fort Wayne, IN, while local members often travel to host workshops in the surrounding states. Participants in The Edge of the World academy practice a variety of arts, from the sword-and-buckler of the Walpurgis Fechtbuch (Ms. I.33) circa 1300AD to the various rapier and side-sword arts of the renaissance, and we’re dedicated to spreading the love for historical western martial arts wherever we can.

Meet the Staff

PhilippPhilipp is the proprietor of The Edge of the World. He began fencing in the SCA and teaching martial arts in 2000. His primary obsession is the medieval sword and buckler presented in the Walpurgis Fechtbuch (I.33), but his interests extend to various aspects of the Kunst des Fechtens, including Liechtenauer’s longsword and Meyer’s rappier and dussack. He is also well versed in Nicoletto Giganti’s 1606 fencing system, and other renaissance fencing systems.

MarshallMarshall has been training at The Edge of the World since 2013, studying first rapier, and then moving on to the messer/dussack and I.33 sword and buckler. He is the academy’s first instruction assistant.